Artisan Foods

At Lacey’s Farm, we grow a wide variety of crops from certified organic seed using only fertilisers approved for organic use or seaweed which we gather from the island’s beaches after each Winter’s storms. We use no pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals so our crops, flushed by Inishbofin’s pure sea air, are totally free of the nasties found on some intensively produced foodstuffs. Full of flavour and brimming with nutrition, our vegetables are harvested daily to ensure they are uber-fresh as well as being tasty and sustaining. And, of course, there’s no food miles.

But our superior garden produce is only the beginning of the story of Lacey’s Farm Artisan Foods: because we then go on to use our abundant harvest to create an extensive range of quality food products.From jams and ketchups to chutneys and pestos; from hummus and chilli oil to brownies and beetroot burgers; from sorbets and real ice creams to confit garlic and rhubarb crumble slices, all our products incorporate ingredients grown in our visitor gardens